Ovale Essential Vitamin Face Rejuvenation Jar 30 Capsule


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Ovale Essential Vitamin Face Rejuvenation Jar 30 Capsule

Ovale Essential Vitamin Face Rejuvenation Capsules.

A daily skin care product from Ovale which is formulated with apple oil and vitamin E to maintain youthful facial skin.

Each Ovlae Capsule is enriched with orange oil which gives a refreshing sensation and vitamins A and C which nourishes skin cells.

Cut the end of the capsule, and apply the entire Ovale essential vitamin contents onto your fingertips onto a cleansed face and neck with some soft massage.

These capsules are truly amazing.

This is a vitamin capsule for the face and/or neck.

Face Rejuvenation means rejuvenation and recovery.

Ovale Essential Vitamin is a treatment product that is specifically formulated with Apple Oil and Vitamin E as the magic shields that keep your youthful appearance.  Enriched with Orange Oil for fresh sensation and Vitamin A and C for face nourishment.  Enjoy your smooth, younger looking and keep healthy skin.

Use 1 capsule nightly, or as required for a treatment.



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