Ways to use Kispray


Kispray is an Ironing Aid product that provides long lasting fragrance on clothes and eases ironing process.

  1. Kispray with 3 in 1 formula (smoothener, freshener, and softener) can produce neater clothes when ironed, provide long lasting fragrance and smoother fabrics.
  2. Kispray contains an active antiseptic called alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride,1% which effectively kills germs  on fabrics and prevents parasitic substances on clothes.
  3. Kispray is more practical, because it is also available in refill pouch that can be used immediately.
  4. Kispray can be used directly on any common fabrics, however for specific fabrics such as rayon, satin, silk, etc. please try it on hidden parts of fabrics first.
  5. For  every 24ml sachet, mix with 240ml of pure water into Kispray sprayer bottle and shake well. Kispray is ready to use on fabrics.
  6. The bottle and the 300ml  refill is pre mixed and no need to add water just ready to go

     Kispray Flavours

Red Amoris, contains floral, rose, and powdery characteristic

Yellow Segeris, contains green floral, jasmine, and perfumey scents.

Bluis, contains floral, fresh, clean, perfumey scents.

Violet, contains various floral, rose, a little sweeter, and fresh scents.

Gold, contains luxurious perfume that gives more durable fragrance


     Ways Kispray can be used

spray furniture ,carpets,curtains,inside the car,use a sachet in the softener container of your washing machine to make the clothes smell nice,use in the water to mop the floor,put some into the diffuser to make your house smell nice  people come up with different ways to use all the time ,let us know your favourite ways to use it on our fb page and we can be sure to add it here …