We can send your order to anywhere in Australia for a flat rate using Australia Post.

Processing your order will take 1-2 days.  Once order is processed, you will receive an email stating your order is completed and it will also contain an Australia Post Tracking Number.

Delivery times to most local and interstate destinations are approx. 2-3 working days, depending on when ordered and processed.

We are located at Ramsgate Beach and if you prefer pick-up, please send us an email or message.

Delivery Cost

Delivery is calculated at end of sale and calculated on size of goods, up to 5 kilos can be sent in 1 box.

Please note, we try to send in boxes, rather than satchels.
Box/Satchel Parcel Post Express Post
Small Up to 5 kilos $10.60 $14.10
Medium Up to 5 Kilos $14.50 $18.50
Large Up to 5 Kilos $18.25 $22.75
Extra Large Up to 5 Kilos $22.45 $29.95