Bali Fresh Kispray Australia - a little bit of Bali at home

Hello and welcome to Bali Fresh Australia. 

Hi, we have been travelling to Bali for over thirty years. On our trips back, the one thing that we constantly get asked to bring back to Australia is Kispray and Molto – our customers say it reminds them of Bali (as this is what many of the Bali laundries use for ironing and adding perfume to the clothes).

With their wonderful smell and anti-bacterial properties, you can have your laundry smelling just the same as when you were last in Bali.

We also provide hundreds of other products from our store, including Ellips Hair Vitamin Treatments, Darshan Incense and the BIOKOS skincare range.

All our deliveries are sent via Australia Post and include tracking numbers so you can easily track your orders.

While we all can’t travel to Bali at the moment, you can have a little bit of beautiful Bali at home.

Terima Kasih