Bali Fresh Kispray Australia - a little bit of Bali at home

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With over thirty years of experience travelling to Bali, we understand the allure of the island’s unique products.  One item in particular Kispray and another favourite Molto, has become a beloved favourite among our customers.  Renowned for its nostalgic scent, reminiscent of Bali’s laundries, Kispray and Molto add a touch of the island to every wash and ironing session.  Let us bring the essence of Bali to your home, so you can relive those cherished memories with every whiff.
In addition to Kispray and Molto, we offer a diverse range of products, including Ellips hair products, incense, Biokos, Safi, Wardah and Pixy skincare, and many many more.  Explore our collection and discover your favourite Bali-inspired essentials.
We prioritze customer satisfaction and convenience.  All orders are promptly dispatched via Australia Post, domestic and Internationally and come with Tracking Numbers, ensuring you can monitor your delivery every step of the way.

Terima Kasi