Plossa Press and Smoothe Aromatics Eucalyptus roll on 5 ml


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Plossa Press and Smoothe Aromatics Eucalyptus roll on 5 ml

Plossa Mini Eucalyptus

Plossa Press & Sooth Aromatic helps relieves muscle soreness, headache, cold symptoms, bloating, and nausea. A refreshing aromatherapy with 4-in-1 concept: inhaler, roll on, scrapping, and relaxation.

Also available in in RED HOT.

Plossa Press & Soothe Aromatics is a versatile product that allows you the benefit of reflexology including relieving headache and cold symptoms, as well as ensuring relaxation, and stimulating a refreshing sensation.

In need of massage when the muscles are sore but it is too troublesome looking for a convenient and hygienic product. Frequently using roll on when suffering from headache but the liquid is often spilled. Having a hard time finding inhaler when your nose is blocked. These four tools are combined into a convenient, modern, and efficient tool. Convenient because it is easy to bring everywhere, and efficient because it is budget friendly, and you need only 1 tool for 4 purposes.


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