Kispray Gold Refill


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300ml Pre mixed refill . No need to add water

Gold, contains luxurious perfume that has a stonger fragrance. Use it as an ironing spray, or spray on wet clothes and leave to dry.  Some people use it for a refereshing room curtains, furniture and more.


  1. Kispray with 3 in 1 formula (smoothener, freshener, and softener) used as an ironing spray, provides a long beautiful fragrance, long lasting and makes ironing an ease.
  2. Kispray contains an active antiseptic called alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride,
  3. Refill pouch, no water needed, just add to a spray bottle.

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Dimensions 22.5 × 9 × 6.5 cm



Kispray is a fragrant laundry spray used as an ironing aid and synonymous with the beautiful island paradise of Bali. One of the main Kispray ingredients is an antiseptic added to help kill germs on fabrics and clothing.

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