Safe Care Aromatherapy Refreshing Roll On Oil


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Safe Care Aromatherapy Refreshing Roll On Oil

This aromatherapy oil gives a refreshing sensation, may help to relieve headaches, prevent itchiness caused from insect bites, good for cold symptoms, flatulence & motion sickness

  • Safe Care Aromatherapy oil may help with symptoms of headaches, dizziness, nausea, as well as gives a refreshing sensation to the mind and spirit.
  • Use in the morning if you’re feeling tired.
  • This Safe Care oil contains camphor, menthol and essential oil, and may help with tired, aching muscle pain.
  • Safety Instructions: Avoid direct contact from sunlight, to be kept away from children’s reach, avoid direct use under the nostrils & not recommended for children under 2 years
  • Safe Care is the pioneer of minyak angin aromatherapy roll-on in Indonesia.  “Minyak angin” is a specific term for traditional and widely used product in Indonesia which may be known as “refreshing oil” or “medicated oil”
  • Convenient and popular roll-on to carry with you in your pocket, car, or bag.



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