Kispray Sapphire Sachet 6 x 8ml Refill


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Kispray Sapphire Sachet 6 x 8ml Refill

Sapphire Blue Kispray – New scent – strong and long lasting, a mix of florals

Add water and the refill sachet to your spray bottle.

For that freshly laundered smell, Elegant Sapphire fragrance is the newest Kispray on the block.

Used originally as an ironing aid, people have discovered so many more uses, spraying your linen, or your clothes hanging on the line, add it to your floor washing routine, spray your furnishing, curtains, whatever you want to freshen up.

Also available in other scents, Bluis, Violet, Segeris, Amoris, Sapphire

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Weight 0.060 kg
Dimensions 13 × 7 × 3.5 cm



Kispray is a fragrant laundry spray used as an ironing aid and synonymous with the beautiful island paradise of Bali. One of the main Kispray ingredients is an antiseptic added to help kill germs on fabrics and clothing.

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