Molto Elegant Purple 250ml


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Molto Elegant fabric softener consists of fragrances of roses, jasmine, and lily of the valley.

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Molto Elegant Purple Pouch 250ml

Embrace the luxury of a choice French floral perfume of Elegance on your clothing collection


Molto is now presenting Molto Eau de Parfum inspired by the luxury of French perfume fragrances. This special fragrance from Molto comes from a variety of the best flowers selected by France. Through these selected flowers, Molto creates a world class fragrance.

This Molto is made from various essences from flowers, such as rose, muguet, jasmine, and lavender.

Beautifully mixed and formulated with the best combination that makes Molto able to create such a charming scent.

Use a cap full into the softener dispenser in your washing machine.

Or soak your clothes in water with some molto for a stronger smell.



Molto fabric softener – Bali Indonesia

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Dimensions 13 × 6 × 21 cm

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